Odd Couples

April 10th, 2009

A few local high street buildings house two separate shops behind one front door. Sketchleys and Super Snaps is the most obvious example that springs to mind.

This is common practice in America. Several years ago, I went into a shop in Florida called ‘Super Jewels.’ They sold jewellery …. and soup. The soups were freshly made and were located in the back of the shop. At the front, was the jewellery. This arrangement probably made for a more attractive window display. The owners correctly summised that no-one would be lured in for diamonds on account of a Scotch Broth display.

Shoppers are often manipulated into making impulse purchases. That’s why supermarkets place confectionary beside the checkout. Presumably, the manager of Super Jewels had a similar idea – the customer arrives for a bowl of Minestrone but – on the way out – can’t resist picking up a ten grand Rolex.

‘Super Jewels’ is the most unlikely pairing of shopping concepts I have ever seen. In fact it’s hard to imagine a less likely business partnership – a pet cemetery and a kebab shop; a blood test clinic and Jehovah’s Witness Church; an off licence and petrol station; cigars and health food; Barclays Bank and ‘Barry’s Balaclavas.’ Actually, that wasn’t so hard.

This is my last column for a while. I’m being flown to South America this Saturday to perform on a cruise ship and I’m not yet sure when I’ll be back. I’ve just found out that 90% of the passengers will be Spanish-speakers. This doesn’t bode well for the longevity of my trip. I could be back by Monday.

I’ve enjoyed writing these columns for the past year. If you’ve enjoyed reading them, they’re all online at www.joelsanders.co.uk.

As for the Comedy Bunker, despite my fears that I would have to close it, a couple of friends have offered to keep it alive whilst I’m away (I’ll be watering their plants next time they go on holiday). I’ve booked some top notch Wednesday night shows starting from January 11th. Initially, the shows will take place every fortnight. Full information at www.comedybunker.co.uk