July 27th, 2011

Joel Sanders aka the Redneck Hunter is coming to terms with his issues and finally learning to love himself. He will not therefore write the remainder of this in the 3rd person.


I am Joel Sanders. I live on a narrowboat and I am very stressy. This show is about stress and what it has done to my life. It is also about sexuality, a hot dog eating competition, men with square heads, women with no legs, the N word, HIV tests and a Gomez concert.


If you thought the show was an attempt to channel the spirit of Bernard Manning (Americans, read  ‘Andrew Dice Clay’) and teleport him to the Deep South, you are wrong. Please do not come if you would enjoy a show like that. You will be disappointed and we will not get along.  That said, if you are very easily offended, you should not come either. This show is definitely NOT for people who either want  – or do not want – to be deeply offended.


I started performing comedy in 1988. I was egocentric & stressy then. Not much has changed.


In 1992,  I went onstage in Boston, MA. Something clicked, I pursued it further and – within a short 20 years – I was a “unique, apparently fearless and thoroughly engaging headliner” (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel).


I have performed in over 40 states  – from Las Vegas casinos & midwest theatres where Elvis once toured, to divey redneck bars packed with NASCAR supporters and members of the Daisy Duke fan club.


I have shared the bill with Robin Williams, Chris Rock and dozens of other American comedy stars. If you find that impressive, perhaps you have an infatuation with celebrity.  I don’t know these people, they won’t be in the audience the night you come to my show and I can’t get anything signed for you. I only bothered to mention it because I have an infatuation with celebrity.


Over recent years, I developed a fascination with the South and devote as much time as I can to performing there. The craziest things that have happened to me were in the Deep South.   Every day, a  new moment of redneck madness comes along. At www.joelsanders.co.uk, you’ll find dozens of video examples and see where the ‘redneck hunter’ label came from.


It was all marvelous fun.  I felt invincible until  – one night in Tennessee – I got humbled.


This is my first show at The Edinburgh Festival. I haven’t been given any stars  to boast about since Primary School. The last time was a reward for some kind of sticklebricks construction in a sandpit. I was given a red star. Unfortunately, I have lost the evidence but please take my word for it. This show meets all the rigorous criteria associated with the red star. For starters, there are points and it’s sticky. Maybe I could be your new favourite comedian.


This is a free show. Voluntary donations will be collected once the therapy has ended. Joel Sanders is morally opposed to involuntary donations.